Friday Five: Fall Fun in Portland

Here in Portland we are so so lucky to have so many fun activities to do in the fall. Our city becomes so colorful with all the leaves changing from green to yellow, orange and red. We are surrounded by farmland, which makes us a great destination to pick pumpkins, apples and taste wine. All of the below activities are on my fall bucket list (I've already done some!) and I'm dreading the day when all the leaves have fallen and winter arrives! We are in the prime time of fall, so get out there and enjoy!!

Tour the Fall Foliage

One of the very best parts of fall is watching all of the leaves change colors and seeing the trees come alive in orange, red and gold hues. We are lucky in Portland because of all of the nature that surrounds us, but that also means that it is easy to take for granted the beauty of our city in the fall. A great way to take advantage of the fall beauty is to go for a drive out of town to really appreciate the fall foliage. The best drive, in my opinion, is the Fruit Loop out by Hood River.  The drive is already planned out with plenty of stops along the way. You can even get a few of these activities done on one fun day trip!

Get Scared in a Haunted Corn Maze

Although I'm not the biggest Halloween fan, I think a haunted corn maze is the perfect Halloween activity. It combines the fun autumn activity of a corn maze with a little bit of scariness. Take a thermos of hot chocolate or fresh apple cider and a big group of friends and head to my favorite haunted corn maze at Bella Organic Farm on Sauvies Island. 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

My idea of fall decorating revolves around pumpkins, candles and rich gold and red hues. I'm not into the spooky theme, so I tend to keep my pumpkins whole instead of carving them. I also love roasting pumpkin seeds (they are amazing in salads) and making fresh pumpkin pie. There are tons of great pumpkin patches in Portland, but my favorite is The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie's because they also have a corn maze, hay rides, fresh produce and special events. 

Go Apple Picking

You already know how much I love apple picking, so all I'm going to say on the subject is make it a priority!! The apples are cheap and plentiful in the Portland area, so there really is no excuse. If you aren't a fan of actually picking, or want to stay closer in town, check out the Apple Tasting Festival at Portland Nursery in SE Portland. 

Get your Wine On

Fall is harvest season for wine in Oregon, so it is the perfect opportunity to visit the vineyards and do a tasting. Oregon is famous for its Pinot Noir, and the wine tastes especially delicious when the trees are colorful and the vines are flush with grapes. There are many fall events at all of the vineyards in wine country, so plan a drive, enjoy the views, and take advantage of the amazing wine here in Oregon.