Holiday Cookie Gift Boxes

I adore baking, especially around the holidays. There is honestly nothing better than the smell of fresh baked cookies throughout the house and the coziness of taking the cookies out of the oven on a rainy fall or winter day. The only real problem I have with baking is holding back from eating all the dough and fresh baked cookies, and constantly snacking on the cookies until they are all gone!

Making cookies to give away gives me all of the joy of baking, while also providing a great homemade treat to share with my loved ones. This year I made the most adorable cookie boxes for friends, family and clients and couldn't be happier with the way they turned out!


  • Gift Boxes (I thought they would be bigger when I ordered, but these worked perfectly!)
  • Gift Tags (I loved the ones I got on Amazon, and I have so many left over for the future!)
  • Treat Bags
  • Ribbon
  • Cards (to write a special message to your loved ones!)



  1. Bake all cookies according to directions. Feel free to get creative with your cookie choices! I stuck with only four varieties but you could do lots of one flavor, more varieties or use whatever treats you like best!
  2. While cookies are in the oven or baking I got all of the boxes set up. They were very easy to make, it just involved folding the boxes along the pre-bent edges and slipping the tabs into the corresponding slots.
  3. While the cookies were baking I also wrote cards for everyone. I think writing a genuine heartfelt message with each package made them much more special.
  4. I also made description tags for all of the bags! My original plan was to do each type of cookie in a different bag, but the boxes I ordered were much smaller than intended. I ended up putting all of the cookies in one bag, but tied them up with a tag describing all of the cookies inside. On the back of the tags I also wrote allergy information.
  5. Make tags to label each cookie box with the names of who the gift is for.
  6. Let the cookies cool completely! I made the mistake of trying to put the peanut butter kisses inside the treat bags before they were fully cooled and ended up with some messy bags.
  7. Once the cookies are completely cooled, divide them within the bags. Make sure to work out in advance how many of each type of cookie each bag is getting so you don't come up short at the end.
  8. Tie off the bags, attaching the cookie descriptions.
  9. Pack the boxes by including the card and the cookie bags inside the box.
  10. Secure the box and tie with ribbon, attaching the name tags.
  11. Deliver all the boxes in person! I had so much fun dropping the cookies off and catching up with friends and family along the way.