DIY Tufted Headboards

David and I just upgraded our bed from a full to a queen (such a huge life changer!). We got a Leesa Mattress and couldn't be happier, but the hardest part was choosing a bed frame. We are both pretty picky and had different ideas of what we wanted/needed in a bed frame, but we decided on the Ikea Brimnes bed, which comes with 4 built in drawers. Honestly, the drawers could not be more perfect- they are the perfect place for storing our shoes and other random household items. Marshall also can't hide under the bed anymore either, which is a huge plus for us!

The last thing we need to do to make our headboard complete is to get a great new headboard! My stepdad is an amazing wood-worker, and we are lucky enough to have him help us design and build a headboard for our new bed. We went back and forth between different designs, but we are ultimately going with a tufted headboard. We haven't narrowed down the exact shape yet, and I think choosing the fabric is going to be the hardest part! However, below are links to some fabulous headboards that we are using as design inspiration, as well as a DIY tutorial to help you make your own. We will post pictures when we finish! If you know of any other great sites for DIY Tufted Headboards, or have any advice, I would love to hear. 


If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with all white everything. I think the look is fresh, glam and clean. I have all white bedding with a few accent pillows, and am leaning towards an all white headboard as well, with a lush, expensive looking fabric. 


If I were to stray from my traditional all-white look, it would be with something like this. I'm OBSESSED with this bedroom! I love all the white- but the darker accents and fun, bright pillows are amazing. I also like the wingback detail on this headboard, and I think the height is ideal.


For me, this headboard is all about two things: the shape and the nail heads. I'm in love with the curved corners, and the two lines of nail heads that they used. This might be a little too complicated for us to take on, but it looks amazing.

Another color I've been considering is grey, which is the perfect way to keep things neutral without going overboard on the white! I'm a fan of the height on this headboard, and I again like the wingback detail. 


And finally, here is the DIY version! This is what I'm sharing with my stepdad for instructions. We will let you know how it goes!