Interior Design Trends for 2017

I am obsessed with home decor and design and spend pretty much all of my free time browsing the web. Online shopping is my favorite game, except I almost never buy anything. I pay attention to trends in home design and decor, and below are the design trends that I'm seeing everywhere!


Velvet, faux fur, chunky knits... one of the biggest themes of the year is packing in as much texture as possible. Mixing textures has long been touted as the best way to decorate a monochromatic look, but it works well in any space to create luxury and visual interest.

Pattern, Color & Metal Mixing

Another way to add visual interest to a space is by mixing themes up. Gone are the days when the bedspread, drapes and throw rug all matched (hello 80's!). Instead, feel free to experiment with mixing patters, colors, metals and more. Don't go too crazy and mix absolutely everything- instead keep a few things more muted or neutral and go crazy with others. If you are mixing patterns try to keep them in the same, or coordinating, color palates. Use a discerning, editing eye to keep things looking chic and expensive. 



Desert Chic

Desert chic encompasses a design style of rich neutrals, natural textures and a throwback to nature. Terracotta, cacti, stone and leather in earth tones and muted palates. I've been seeing this trend everywhere, and I think it will stick around for awhile!


Geometric decor has been popular for awhile now, but designers are finding new, creative ways to use it. My favorite usage is with tiles- creating a dramatic kitchen backsplash, a great bathroom floor, or a statement wall. They can also be used as a fun wall paper, or as fun decor items throughout the house. 

Tropical Green

Pantone's color of the year for 2017 is Greenery, and the color matches perfectly with the trend of tropical prints featured all around! The color can be used beautifully as an accent wall, on decor, plates or pillows. Combine the color, and the pattern, with lots of plants, raffia and cork for a perfectly tropical vacation in your own home. 

Marble & Quartz

Oh marble, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I know it might be bourgeoisie, but this is a trend that I love. From bathroom accessories to candle holders, cell phone cases to bar carts, marble works pretty much everywhere. The one place it isn't as great? Kitchen counters! It just doesn't stand up as well, is high maintenance, and stains easily. Enter quartz, a marble dupe that can look like almost any surface. Granite is done, it is the year of quartz! 

Matte Appliances

Gone are the days of stainless steel appliances- the new trend in appliances is matte!