Spring Bucket List

Most of us have a bucket list, and if you don't it is time to write one! I love the feeling of accomplishing items on my list and getting to experience the things that I've been looking forward to. Sometimes the items that tend to stick around for a long time are the ones that are close to home and seemingly easy to do, so it's time to accomplish some goals! Add these items to your bucket list and let's get them done this spring! 

Summit Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens is located in Washington State, about 2 hours away from Portland. It is an active volcano, and the last major eruption was in 1980. I've been to the mountain there a few times, but it has been on my bucket list to climb to the top! I've heard from friends who have done it that it takes about 8 or so hours round trip, which definitely seems doable. The only challenge will be finding a sunny day in spring!


Shanghai Tunnels Tour

The Shanghai Tunnels are built under Chinatown/Old Town in Northwest and Downtown Portland and connect to the Willammette River, supposedly to transport goods easily to the ships, as Portland is a major port town. Rumor has it, though, that the tunnels were used to transport people as well, both into slavery and prostitution. Portland offers lots of underground tours to tell the not-so-secret history of Portland, and as a native Oregonian I think it's about time I take the tour myself!

Golf at McMenamins Edgefield

For Valentine's Day this year I got David and I McMenamins Passports, so our real goal is to hit up as many locations as possible this year! However, I've been wanting to go to Edgefield, located about 25 minutes east of Portland in Troutdale, forever! Last summer I did a few real estate transactions in Troutdale super close to Edgefield and realized that it really wasn't as far away as I used to think. 

The hotel features accomodations, a spa, multiple restaurants and an event venue. What I really want to try out this spring is the par 3 golf course. I'm not an experienced golfer, so the shorter, easier course will be the perfect place to practice!

Have a spa day at Knot Springs

 I've recently fallen in love with the sauna at my gym- it is the perfect time to relax and decompress after a run, and I honestly love the heat. I've been wanting to try out a day spa, and Knot Springs, located inside the Yard building on East Burnside, seems like the perfect place!

The spa offers multiple types of massage, classes ranging from aerial yoga to Chuck Norris (which I imagine is crazy intense), but what I want is to get the Springs single day package, which gives you 1 class and 2 hours in the Springs for only $65. The Springs offers an exfoliation shower, 3 different pools ranging in temperature, a sauna, a steam room, and a relaxation room. The setting also looks insanely gorgeous, and I can imagine that at the end of 2 hours I definitely won't want to leave!

Timbers Game

I've been to a few Timbers games in the past, but it is becoming such a quintesential Portland activity that I couldn't not include it on this list! The Timbers are our local soccer team, and they are generally a pretty good team! The games are insanely fun, especially if you sit in the lively, musical Timbers Army. It is a great opportunity to celebrate our cities love of beer, sunshine and sports!

Food Cart Tour of Downtown

As a native Portlander I have to say that I'm embarassed by the small amount of food carts I've tried in this city. Portland is such a food cart destination, but I've never taken advantage of all the great, cheap, accessible food. This spring I am determined to change that! I want to go with a group of friends, hit up a bunch of food carts, and try bites of food from every place. It's a Portland tradition and about time that I take advantage!