Friday Five: Valentine's Day Gifts

I don't know about you, but February totally snuck up on me this year. The last thing I remember is the January snowstorms, and now all of the sudden it is almost Valentine's Day! If you totally spaced out the date this year like me, I've got you covered. The following gifts can be easily purchased at a store near you and will make your loved one oh-so-happy. This post is written as if you are buying for a girlfriend, but many of these gifts work for a boyfriend, or for yourself! Who says you need someone else to buy you the perfect Valentine's Gift?!?!

Wine Club Subscription 

The only thing that could be better than wine is wine that is delivered monthly or quarterly to your door, delivering you exactly the kind of wine that you like. Give the gift that keeps on giving with a wine club membership. Joining a local winery (Anne Amie is a favorite) is great, and gives you the opportunity to visit the vineyard and have complimentary tastings. Or, an online site like Winc offers various price points and a large selection.

A Jewelry Box

Buying a woman jewelry can be a tricky endeavor, as tastes can be extremely specific. Make it easy for yourself and buy a fabulous jewelry box instead! Prices range all over the board, so finding one that fits her style and your price point should be a piece of cake. I love West Elm jewelry boxes, and they have a lot of different options to choose from. 


Perfume makes a perfect Valentine's Gift because it is romantic and sweet without being overly sentimental. If you know her favorite get a gift set or a big bottle of what she loves. If you don't, go to the store and sample some! Smell lots and pick something that you love, she will love, and reminds you of her already. My favorite is Live Colorfully by Kate Spade, which I think is a great scent that many people will love!

Throw Blanket 

In my opinion, there is nothing more luxurious than cuddling up with a lush faux fur throw blanket. Pottery Barn has some gorgeous blankets, but places like World Market or Nordstrom often have less expensive options that are just as luxurious. Any sort of blanket sets a loving, romantic tone to your valentine gift. 

Capri Blue Volcano Candle 

I've literally never met a person who doesn't love this scent. Even if they haven't smelled it before, everyone becomes obsessed what they do. It is the smell that they have at Anthropologie, and it works for any home, any style- people just love it. A nice candle and a bottle of wine makes a fantastic gift!