Friday Five: DIY Winter Wreaths

I've always thought wreaths make such a great DIY project. First, they are fairly easy and generally inexpensive to do. You generally need a new one for every season, or even for specific holidays, which means you need a handful in stock for every occasion. Since it doesn't stay on the door for more than a few months it is totally fine to use the same wreath each year, so you get good use out of the wreath and don't get bored by the style. 

In the past, though, I've never made my own winter wreath. I have one that I made for around Valentine's day, and after that I switch to my spring wreath. My nieces and nephews are always selling wreaths at Christmas time, so I have always bought one to support them and make it easy on myself. However, this year presented a bit of a problem. Our new house has a glass door in front of the front door, sort of like a screen door, so we have been hanging the wreath between the two doors. This has worked fine up until now, but the sun baked our fresh evergreen wreath and within a week or so it was dry, brittle and brown. My dad even pointed out that it was a potential fire hazard! We immediately took it down and have been wreath-less since.

I love all of the following DIY's because they are beautiful, slightly un-traditional, glamorous and modern. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 

This wreath is literally one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. Call me basic but I adore succulents and the way they are used on this wreath makes me swoon. Making this wreath is not for the faint of heart- both the price tag and the amount of effort will not be small. However, for how beautiful this wreath is I think it is definitely worth it! The good news is the wreath is living, so as long as you take good care of it you can keep it up year long. Or, find some realistic looking fake succulents and make it no maintenance!

See the full tutorial on Nordstrom

I love everything about this wreath- the size is great and will definitely make an impact, it looks rustic and natural but the ribbons add a touch of glam, and it is incredibly easy to make!!

See the full tutorial on Style Me Pretty.

There are a few things that make this wreath one of my favorite DIY's: first, the color is super gorgeous and would look beautiful on almost any color front door. The berries and color are perfect for winter, but I like that it doesn't scream "Christmas!!" You can definitely use this wreath into the new year- the color would actually look gorgeous for Valentine's Day! However, my favorite things about this wreath is how cheap the supplies are and how quick it is to make! Only 15 minutes to make a huge impact on your front door :)

See the full tutorial on Thrifty Little Mom.

A starburst is such an iconic mid-century modern shape, and this wreath shows it looks great in any part of the house!! This wreath is cozy and rustic but the shape keeps it chic and modern, which is the perfect combination of styles.

See the full tutorial on A Beautiful Mess

The name of this blog totally matches this wreath- Making Joy and Pretty Things. Looking at this wreath just makes me happy. It is modern, glamorous and all around beautiful. I love how simple it is, and I love that it is far from a traditional Christmas wreath. This wreath could totally work in any season, which makes me love it even more!

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