Inspiration: Fall Decor

This year I had a tough time talking myself into switching out the summer decor and getting ready for fall. I’m pretty sure I’m never quite ready, but this year I was actively defiant in accepting that summer was over. I finally realized that my summer lemon wreath on the front door didn’t quite look right, so I resigned myself to putting up my fall wreath and accepting that fall is here.

When I went to do the rest of my fall decorating, I realized I really don’t have much fall decor at all! I have a few little knick knacks, plus my fall wreath, but really not much else! It is probably because so much of my fall decor consists of fresh pumpkins, which I obviously don’t save! After a few trips to Trader Joes for pumpkins and gourds I have a good start, but I definitely need to gather more items to make my home look as gorgeous as these inspiration pictures!