Shopping: Dinnerware

As I start getting deeper into wedding planning, I’ve begun to put together a list of things we need to put on our registry. One of our most needed items is new dinnerware- what we have is from when I first graduated college in 2012 and got an apartment with my friend Ali. We were on a budget so most of it is from Ikea or hand-me-downs, and we did not take good care of it over the years. We are missing pieces, so when we have guests over we can’t even set the table with all matching dinnerware! Needless to say, having a nice matching set is something that is very important to me.

I took a class last year on table-setting, and one good piece of advice is to have a nice full set of solid white for everyday and for entertaining, and then a fun set that you can mix in or use for special occasions. I’ve scoured the web for both, and put links to my favorites down below. I still need to narrow down what exactly I want, but these sets are giving great inspiration!