2019 Home Design Trends


One of my favorite parts of my jobs is seeing how home trends change year by year, both in terms of actual home design and for interior decorating. Changes are generally subtle from year to year, and the best of the trends stick around for awhile, which makes it easier for those of us without the funds to constantly update to stay up to date and look current.

This year, some major themes are a more is more attitude, a focus on sustainability, and a return of comfort and warmth.

Are you planning on incorporating any of these trends into your home? Let me know in the comments!

Natural, Organic, Sustainable Materials

Society as a whole is definitely moving in a more eco-conscious direction, and that is true both inside and outside the home. Designers are incorporating more natural elements, using reclaimed materials, and bringing the feeling of the outside in.

Boldly Patterned Backsplashes

While white subway tiles are still popular, designers are adding a bit more whimsy to the kitchen by making a statement with the backsplash. Whether you go with a bold pattern, loud color, or both, make sure the backsplash isn’t so wild that you will grow tired of it quickly!

Feminine Colors

This doesn’t mean the soft pastels of years past, but instead a switch away from more masculine, colder colors into a warmer color palette full of soft pinks, dusty roses, and an overall more feminine color scheme.

Destination Tubs

Quite possibly one of my favorite trends we are seeing is making the bathtub the center piece of the bathroom. For awhile bathtubs were on the way out, with the focus shifting to large, luxurious showers. I think the rise in popularity of self-care has made taking a long, relaxing bath a necessity instead of something you need to earn.

Velvet Fabrics

There is no denying that velvet evokes feelings of luxury, richness, comfort and warmth. It’s no surprise, then, that as the design aesthetics of 2019 move from the more minimal, cold world, to a warmer, cozier place, that velvet would be one of the major players. It is easy to incorporate velvet into your home- think throw pillows, a duvet cover, or a soft velvet blanket. If you want to go bolder try adding a velvet ottoman, headboard or accent chair. Feeling extra fun? Go all the way with a velvet sofa and fully embrace the luxurious coziness of 2019!

Wood on Wood on Wood

Wood is THE material of 2019, and it is such an easy trend to incorporate into your home because it can be used in any room!! Think faux wood accent walls, heavy wooden furniture, live edge shelves, or wooden accent pieces displayed any where in your home. The possibilities are endless, and I think this trend will definitely be around for years to come.

Striking Wall Designs

In 2019 this trend is moving away from the accent wall style of decorating to bold wall choices on every wall in the room. Whether this means a fun, textured wallpaper, dark and moody paint, reclaimed wood, or anything in between, this trend follows the “more in more” thinking that is taking over 2019.

Matte Black Finishes

We’ve been seeing matte black finishes cropping up over the past few years, but I think they are fully on trend in 2019. Matte black is so popular because it looks good with pretty much any interior design style and is easy to incorporate throughout the house. You can easily add some matte black through accessories like a table lamp, flatware or storage baskets. If you are looking to do some home updates it is easy to incorporate matte black as well! Think about changing hinges, door knobs, drawer pulls and faucets. Matte black also looks wonderful on appliances, as tiles in the bathroom, or even as accent paint!

Full Tiled Bathroom Walls

I absolutely love the look of a fully tiled bathroom. I think it makes the room look pulled together, chic and stylish. As a bonus, it takes away trying to coordinate too many different colors and makes cleaning a breeze!


Florals is almost a cheater on this list because florals never really go out of style. However, in 2019 you will see floral patterns covering everything in stores. I’m currently adding a bold black and white floral wallpaper to my powder room, and I’m seeing floral prints all over throw pillows and blankets in stores right now. One of the best things about florals is that, depending on the pattern and colors, they can be retro, modern, feminine, or pretty much any other style. Florals are also happy and fun, which is always something fun to incorporate into your home!

Rich Jewel Tones

Again with the “more in more” theme, rich jewel tones lend a feeling of luxury and opulence to your home. Color and warmth are in, and jewel tones are the way to go. This trend can be easily achieved with some quick accessories, but I love the idea of a rich wall paint and some color mixing to really bring the trend home!