DIY: Marble Magnets


As I was recently trying to put up our Save the Date on the fridge, pulling down old pictures and trying to reorganize what we had on display to best make use of our few magnets that could actually hold items up, I realized that it was time to re-vamp our magnet situation. Like I said, half of the magnets on our fridge were so weak that they couldn’t even hold something up, and we only had a few that did work well. Some were so big that they covered up what we were trying to display, and I was tired of having to constantly reorganize whenever I had something new to put up!

I knew that magnets would make a good DIY project, so I took to Pinterest to find some inspiration. When I saw this post from A Beautiful Mess, I knew I had to make these awesome geometric marble magnets! They hit all of my major requirements- stylish, neutral, small and inexpensive!




This project couldn’t be simpler! Just pull the tiles off of the mesh, scrape/pull the mesh residue off of the tiles, and glue the magnet on the back! Let them dry and voila- you have some gorgeous new magnets!


You could use any tiles you want- there was a huge selection at Home Depot! There were about 130 tiles on the tile square I got, and the magnets came in a set of 100. If you were to make 100 magnets, they would cost less than 20 cents each- such a great deal! You could give the magnets as gifts (perfect for a housewarming!), or glue on a push pin on the back instead of a magnet for a fun bulletin board!