Inspiration: Bedroom Nooks

When I was little I always used to think the ultimate luxury would be having a seating area in my bedroom. I imagined cozying up reading in the mornings, or spending a relaxing evening with my husband in our bedroom nook. One of my first apartments after college my dream came true earlier than expected, and I was so excited to decorate my own bedroom seating area! Well, for whatever reason I never used the seating area, and now, in our new house, I don’t use our bedroom nook either! Occasionally I will force myself to sit in our chair in our little nook and read or work on my computer, but my goal is to want to sit there, not just do it out of obligation.

I’m currently searching for the perfect furniture to put in our nook to make it one of my favorite places in the house, rather than just an afterthought. A chaise sounds amazing, but are two chairs more practical? Or one big cozy chair? I’m still deciding, but I’m using these gorgeous spaces as inspiration!