Friday Five: Spring Floral DIY's

I'm obsessed with spring and the flowers that start appearing everywhere this time of the year. I try to keep fresh flowers in the house at all times, and even have a lot of faux flowers to keep things looking fresh and bright all year. Now that it is spring, I can't wait to start picking and arranging flowers and doing other floral DIY projects. I did my first earlier this week (tulip wreath coming soon!) but below are some of the projects on my to do list this spring. 

Flower Crown

Even if you aren't hitting up Coachella or another festival this year, a flower crown can be the perfect accessory for almost any occasion. Wear one to a wedding, concert, picnic...the possibilities are endless. To keep the look more simple, try for a more subdued, smaller crown like the one pictured!

Read the instructions here.

Succulent Planter

Succulents are definitely one of the easiest houseplants to take care of and keep alive, so having a lot at home is a low-maintenance way to keep plants in the house. I love the bright color of this crazy easy DIY, but you could use any color that matches your decor. Or, make it even easier and find your favorite planter, mug or holding vessel to buy.

Read the instructions here.

Floral Letters

How fun would your initials looked on the wall in bright floral letters? This DIY is so easy, and you can do a letter, initials, or a whole word! Even better, you get to pick your floral colors to match the room decor. I think that this would also make a perfect gift!

Read the instructions here.

Flower Arranging

Fresh flowers are always classic, no matter what time of year. However, what looks beautiful in a bouquet doesn't always translate well once moved to a vase at home. Learning how to arrange flowers allows you to make showroom worthy centerpieces from any flowers you can find.

Read the instructions here.

Edible Flower Ice Cubes

How cute are these? The next time you throw a party, freeze edible flowers in your ice tray to make adorable ice cubes that produce the sweetest flowers when the ice melts. Put them directly in the drink, or have them filling the ice bucket!

Read the instructions here.