Tablescaping for Spring


I'm not the most naturally creative person but love the idea of crafting and designing and decorating, so I've found that taking specific classes is the most beneficial way for me to expand my repertoire of skills. I've done things like paper flower art, candle making, bath bombs, etc. When I recently saw that Anthropologie in the Pearl District is now offering classes I was so so excited- the new store is absolutely gorgeous (and huge!!) and I'm insanely obsessed with their home decor. Everyone who works there is so cool and talented, and their class offerings are varied, fun and affordable.

Last week I attended my first class- a Spring Tablescaping Workshop. The class was hosted by Danielle Firle of Secret Supper and Tendue - a great pop up dining experience and an intimate event venue in Portland. She had already styled a beautiful table with two different themes (pastels & blues) and shared some advice on how to best style your table at home!


Five Main Considerations

  1. The needs of your event
    1. Start by gathering everything you need for the event- what are you serving? How many plates do you need? Do you need a soup spoon? Put everything you need on the table so you know what you are working with.
  2. Figure out your color story
    1. Danielle suggested keeping the theme to either one main color (blue in the photos), all in the same tone (for example, all jewel tones) or contrasting colors. Make sure to carry the color throughout the table, including decor, so that it looks cohesive.
  3. Balance the table
    1. Keep the balance by layering texture and botanicals. You can also layer patterns, but make sure it doesn't get too busy. Follow old school table setting norms to anchor the table and then play with things from there. ALWAYS keep your silverware lined up properly- Danielle said that is her biggest pet peeve! Keep your glasses high and tight in relation to the dish ware and silverware. 
  4. Add in botanicals
    1. Florals or botanicals are an essential part of decorating the table. If you can't afford florals don't worry- gather branches from the yard, leaves from trees, whatever you can find. They don't have to be big or elaborate, just make sure they are there to add texture and color. Get creative- imagine hanging plants off the light fixture or putting a large vase at the very end of the table instead of in the middle. Make sure the height never gets in the way of guests seeing each other!
  5. Show off your personality
    1. Use accessories to add in your personality. One tip is to style with food! Put out some cute appetizers on a fun tray to add in color and fill in the table. Use menus and place cards to make the table look complete. One of Danielle's favorite tips is having favors on the table- maybe a cute chocolate, a small jar or salt, or cute cookies.

Extra Tips

  • For instagram photos stand on a chair to get the best overhead view. Feel free to move plates closer together along the length to make the photo look fuller.
  • If you are serving the meal family style make sure to leave room on the table for the platters of food.
  • Do not use scented candles or heavily scented florals on the table. 
  • Etsy has fun menu templates that you can print on your own pretty paper.
  • When putting out candles either make a flow across the table or stagger the placement.
  • Another candle tip is to group tapered candles together in different clumps along the table.
  • When designing a round table use a table runner slightly off center and feel free to bunch it up to add texture and keep it from looking too geometric.