Beaverton Food Carts


When David and I moved to Beaverton last summer (almost exactly a year ago!) we knew we would be giving up a lot of conveniences that we grew used to living in NW Portland. I was able to walk to work in just 10 minutes, Forest Park was mere steps away, and the restaurant and bar scene could not be beat! We loved being able to be lazy and walk to dinner when we didn't feel like cooking, or grab a drink after a long day. 

Beaverton is great for many things, but being walkable, hip and trendy has never really been one of them. Lately though, Beaverton has been getting some cool updates, like fun new bars in downtown Beaverton, some well acclaimed restaurants, and even Ex Novo Brewing is opening up a location in Beaverton later this year! One of my favorite additions to the neighborhood is the BG Food Cartel, a food cart pod right in the heart of downtown Beaverton. The pod opened earlier this year and has already become a hotspot! Every time we go it has been full and bustling with activity and great food.


The food cart pod has 31 different carts with food to please any palate. The first time I went I had an amazing waffle sandwich with brie cheese and vegetarian sausage. They have lots of sandwich options, an avocado-centric cart, Thai, Chinese, German, Mediterranean, Poke, pasta... the list goes on and on! It is a great place to meet for dinner with friends because everyone can order exactly what they are craving, so no arguing over where to go! I love how clean the setup is- it is very family friendly, the site is clean, there are lots of seating areas, and the overall vibe makes you want to stay and hangout rather than just grab your food and leave.

Another great feature is the bar and indoor seating area, which is perfect for a rainy day. The bar features beer and wine on tap, and the prices are quite reasonable. My friends and I went for David's 29th birthday and it was the perfect location for a large group to hang out and celebrate summer!